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Making complex projects simple

Are you running complex system or software development projects?
Do you want to become more Agile or Lean, but still be in control?
Do you have a current set of development tools that might need to be modernized?

Regardless of what part of the organization you belong to, you probably face challenges when it comes to keeping up with change, avoiding re-work and securing your releases and deliveries.With our help you´ll feel confident in taking on the most complicated projects and delivering on time, on budget and on content, greatly reducing development time and securing project quality.

Sellegi Technologies helps companies scaling their agile and lean efforts. We offer tools, services, training and integrations for complex projects with top of the line experts in the areas of ways of working, agile and lean development, and automated information analysis.

Sellegi Technologies is a tooling and service partner of Scaled Agile Inc and IBM Business Partner. Our head office is in Malmö.

Contact us to find out more about Sellegi ACT or read more about our tools, services and the agile practices we recommend.